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The function of the gear coupling is to join two independently supported shaft trains and transfer the torque, compensating relative angular, radial and axial displacement of the shafts happening in procedure.


Transmission of torque with out slip and therefore without wear and tear to any coupling elements.
No elastic components and for that reason no getting older elements.
Equipment couplings are employed for longitudinal and angular payment and to compensate for the displacement of two components to every other.
The couplings must not, as significantly as attainable, produce external forces and ideally make no vibrations.
Gear couplings basically consist of a few parts, specifically two hubs (rigid factors), mounted on the shafts to be coupled, and a floating member. The hubs can be created with external or inner toothing. The sleeve is made to fit accordingly.


A gear coupling is a mechanical system for transmitting torque in between two shafts that are not collinear. It consists of a versatile joint set to every shaft. The two joints are linked by a 3rd shaft, known as the spindle.

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