18inch Single Disc Blade Opener Blade


Introducing the 18inch single disc blade opener blade, a hot product in the market that guarantees high productivity. With a weight of 8 kg, this tool is designed for optimal performance in various industries. Each purchase comes with a one-year warranty, with the core component being high-quality bearings. The product undergoes thorough outgoing-inspection, with a video provided for your assurance. Furthermore, the machinery test report is provided for transparency and trust. The product is conveniently packed, with 50 pieces bundled in one pallet for easy transportation.

Product Details and Advantages

The single disc blade opener blade comes new out of the box, ready to enhance your operations. It is a versatile tool, perfect for different industries. This lightweight piece of equipment, weighing 11.7 kg, is easy to handle, reducing crew fatigue and increasing work efficiency. Its main selling point is high productivity, making it a beneficial addition to any operation. The blade is also designed for use with tractors, making it a valuable asset for agricultural practices. The product is of Chinese origin, under the prominent brand name of EP.

Understanding the Working Principle

The 18inch single disc blade opener blade operates on a simple, yet effective principle. It uses the tractor’s power to drive the blade into the soil, opening up the ground for various agricultural practices. Installing and unloading the blade is a straightforward process, requiring minimum effort and time. However, like all machinery, it requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal functioning. This involves regular cleaning, lubrication and inspection for wear and tear.

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Agricultural Disc Plough Common Applications

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