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1LY-3 3 point mounted fish type disc plow/Baldan disc Plough


Take your farming operations to the next level with the 1LY-3 disc plough. This high-efficiency farm cultivator is designed to deliver optimal performance, making ploughing easier and more productive. Powering this impressive machine is a robust diesel engine. With a weight of 406 KG and dimensions of 255mmx1350mmx1000mm, the disc plough is easy to maneuver, ensuring a seamless ploughing experience. The high productivity of the disc plough is one of its key selling points.

An Overview of the 1LY-3 Disc Plough

The 1LY-3 disc plough is a high-performance farm cultivator used for soil ploughing. With a working depth of 250-300mm and a working width of 900mm, this machine guarantees efficient and uniform ploughing. The disc plough is customisable in color and comes with a 50hp power rating. The machine is linked via a TEPee-point suspension system, and the core components of the disc plough, including the bearing, come with a 6-month warranty.

Working Principle, Installation, and Maintenance of the 1LY-3 Disc Plough

The 1LY-3 disc plough operates by cutting, lifting, turning, and breaking furrow slices by means of separately mounted large discs. It is known for its ability to work in all types of soil for functions such as soil breaking, soil turning, and soil raising. Installing the plough is straightforward and can be done following the manufacturer’s guide. Maintaining the disc plough involves regular checks and replacement of worn-out parts to ensure it remains in perfect working condition.

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Agricultural Disc Plough Common Applications

Learn More About the 1LY-3 Disc Plough

For more information about the 1LY-3 disc plough and its operation, watch the video below: