20hp Tractor Mounted Box Scrapers Land Leveling


Featuring a robust 20hp tractor mounted box scraper, this land leveling machine promises high productivity and optimal performance. It’s designed for use in manufacturing plants and farms, weighing a mere 230 KG for easy handling. The box scraper is crafted from durable 65Mn Spring Steel, with a scraper knife as its core component. This land leveler is new on the market, making it a 2020 product that guarantees excellent service and unmatched performance. With an ISO9001:2000 certification, it meets all the quality standards set in the industry.

Features and Applications of Tractor Mounted Box Scrapers

The 20hp Land leveler/land scraper is a versatile and highly productive piece of equipment. It comes with a six-month warranty and a one-year warranty for core components, ensuring you get value for your money. What’s more, its key selling points include high productivity, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced agricultural setting. The machine is perfect for leveling the land, making it ideal for farms and manufacturing plants that require a smooth and level surface. With an after-sales service provision, you can rest assured of continuous support even after purchase.

Working Principle, Installation, Unloading and Maintenance

The box scraper works by being fixed between the rear wheel axle. This allows it to move up and down, bend, slew, and extend with agility. It’s perfect for constructing roadbeds, borders, and surfaces, as well as cleaning off snow. When it comes to installation and unloading, the process is straightforward – simply attach or detach it from the tractor’s rear wheel axle. Regular maintenance includes routine checks and replacements of the scraper knife, ensuring the machine remains in optimal condition.

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Agricultural Box Scraper Common Applications

Tractor Mounted Box Scraper Video

Want to see our 20hp tractor mounted box scraper in action? Check out this video!