3 Point Linkage Potato Harvest Machine


Presenting the 3 point linkage potato harvest machine, a highly productive, top-tier agricultural solution designed for use with tractors. This new product for 2023 comes with a one-year warranty on core components and is underpinned by a robust bearing system. Weighing at 500 kilograms, this machine is engineered to optimize your potato harvesting operations.

Features and Applications of the 3 Point Linkage Potato Harvest Machine

The 3 point linkage potato harvest machine is a high-performance agricultural tool that stands out for its high productivity. Designed for compatibility with tractors, this machine is perfect for large scale potato harvesting. It is equipped with core components such as bearings, which are covered under a one-year warranty. Despite its heavyweight of 500 kilograms, the machine is designed for easy maneuverability and efficient harvesting.

Operating Principle, Installation, and Maintenance of the Potato Harvest Machine

The potato harvest machine operates on the principles of mechanical harvesting. When attached to a tractor, it digs up the soil and extracts the potatoes without damaging them. Installation is a straightforward process that involves attaching the machine to the tractor using the 3 point linkage system. As for maintenance, regular inspections and timely replacements of the core components, particularly the bearings, are necessary to ensure the machine’s optimal performance.

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Choosing AGKNX’s agricultural potato harvester products means investing in quality, efficiency, and durability. Our machines are backed by a one-year warranty and are designed for high productivity, making them an excellent choice for large scale farming operations.

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Agricultural Potato Harvester

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Watch our introduction video to understand more about our 3 point linkage potato harvest machine. From its features to its operation and maintenance, this video covers everything you need to know.