3 Point Linkage Potato Harvest Machine


Introducing the 3 Point Linkage Potato Harvest Machine, a high productivity tool designed for use with tractors. This machine, a new product for 2023, boasts a year-long warranty and a weight of 450kg. Ideal for various industries, it comes with a showroom location, video outgoing-inspection, machinery test report, and core components bearing. This product, designed for potato harvest, is brand new and packed in convenient pallets of 50pcs each.

Features and Applications of the 3 Point Linkage Potato Harvest Machine

This machine stands out with key selling points such as high productivity, enabling users to harvest potatoes efficiently and effectively. Not only is it useful for the potato industry, but it can also be utilized in various other sectors. The machine is designed with core components like bearing, known for their durability and reliability, ensuring the machine’s longevity. As a type of potato harvest machine, it is specially designed for use with tractors, making it an ideal choice for modern farming operations.

Working Principle, Installation, Unloading, and Maintenance of the 3 Point Linkage Potato Harvest Machine

The 3 Point Linkage Potato Harvest Machine works by attaching to a tractor and using its power to harvest potatoes. Installation is straightforward, involving the attachment of the machine to the tractor’s three-point linkage. Unloading is just as simple, requiring the user to detach the machine from the tractor. As for maintenance, regular cleaning and checks are necessary to ensure the machine remains in optimal working condition. It’s also crucial to ensure the bearing, the core component, is well-maintained to promote the machine’s lifespan.

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Potato Harvester in Action

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Agricultural Potato Harvester

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