Hot sale mini tractor potato harvester, potato harvester for Walking tractor Model Number: 4U-1A


Experience the power and efficiency of our hot sale mini tractor potato harvester, specifically designed for use with a walking tractor. This mini harvester, model number 4U-1A, is a brand new, CE certified, high-performance machine that boasts a wealth of impressive features. Weighing just 120kg and measuring 1600*700*700 in dimension, this mini harvester is compact and easy to handle. Engineered to deliver high productivity of 0.53-0.66ha/h and powered by a 12hp engine, the mini potato harvester is your ultimate solution to efficient and effective harvesting.

Features and Applications of the Mini Potato Harvester

The mini potato harvester is a patented product, a first of its kind domestically. Offering an impressive harvest efficiency, this machine is designed to avoid damaging the skin of the potatoes while harvesting. Seamless operation is ensured with the harvester’s design preventing grass blockage and promoting rapid soil leakage. Its operational efficiency, combined with its simple structure and long service life, makes this mini potato harvester an essential addition to your farming equipment. Another significant advantage is the harvester’s ability to extract residual plastic sheeting from the soil, ensuring the healthy growth of your next crop.

Working Principle and Maintenance

The mini potato harvester operates by cutting the potato plants at root level and subsequently sieving the soil to separate the potatoes. This efficient process ensures a high yield while minimizing damage to the harvested potatoes. Installation is straightforward, requiring it to be connected to a walking tractor, while unloading simply involves detaching the harvester from the tractor. Regular maintenance, including cleaning after use and periodic checks for any wear and tear, will ensure the longevity of the harvester.

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Agricultural Potato Harvester

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