Oil Pump Gearbox

We could offer proper oil pump gearbox for our customers according to thetr agricultural machines. If the

application, dimension and Input speed and gear rabo are offered, We could offer you whatever you want.

ODM (original design manufacturing) service is provided when manufacturing oil pump gearbox.

The folloWings are its technical parameters:

Model Number: OK16

Gearing Arrangement: Bevel I Mrter

Output Torque: 9-JOOON.m

Rated Power: 33HP

Input Speed: 540rpm

Output Speed: 15’pm

Housing Material: HT250

Gear Shaft Material: 20CrMnTi

Ratio: 36.7:1

Input speed: 540 rpm

Color. Customer Requests

Backlash: 0.25-0.46

Noise: 70db-1 meter

Power: 33HP

Input torque: 1.1-1.SNM

Output speed: 15rpm