Potato Ridger: A Versatile Farm Cultivator


Equipped with advanced features, the potato ridger is a highly efficient farm cultivator designed to simplify the process of tillage. It operates on tractor power, and is characterized by its strong build and robust performance. The model 3z-140 is a new product, weighing 150 kg, and comes with a one-year warranty. It has a working width of 1400mm and a ridger depth of 250mm. Additionally, it has been certified by the ISO9000. The product’s dimensions are 2000*1300*300mm, and after-sales service is provided through an overseas service center. All these features are neatly packaged and delivered in an iron case or as per your demand.

Exploring the Features and Applications of the Potato Ridger

The potato ridger, model 3z-140, is a versatile farm cultivator that is perfect for various applications. Its 1400mm working width and 250mm ridger depth make it ideal for creating ridges for potato cultivation. The ridger also has a robust weight of 150kg, giving it stability and strength while working in the field. Its unique dimensions, 2000*1300*300mm, allow it to cover a considerable area, making your farming tasks efficient and timely. The product’s ISO9000 certification guarantees its quality and safety. Moreover, its power is derived from a tractor, making it a flexible and energy-efficient farm implement.

Installation, Usage, and Maintenance

The potato ridger is easy to install and use. It hooks up to a tractor for power and can be set to create ridges at the desired depth and width. Regular maintenance involves cleaning after use, checking for any loose or worn-out parts, and storing in a dry place. The provided one-year warranty covers any manufacturing defects, and there is an overseas service center available for after-sales service.

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Agricultural Disc Ridger

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