Shndong EVER-POWERSles A Mould Board Plough


The Shndong EVER-POWERSles A Mould Board Plough is a stellar agricultural tool, engineered to perfection for farming tasks such as ploughing and breaking hard land. With a machine type furrow plough and tractor power type, this farm cultivator is a new product of 2020, designed to offer high productivity. A machine test report and video outgoing-inspection are provided to ensure top-notch quality. The plough knife, the core component, comes with a warranty of six months. This effective farming tool is suitable for manufacturing plants and farms.

Unveiling the Features and Applications of Shndong EVER-POWERSles A Mould Board Plough

The Shndong EVER-POWERSles A Mould Board Plough is a new generation farming tool with a high productivity rate. It is designed for ploughing and breaking hard land, making it an ideal fit for manufacturing plants and farms. This farm cultivator has a working width of 600mm and a working depth of 15-25cm. The plough knife, made of 65Mn Spring Steel, ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

Working Principle and Maintenance of Shndong EVER-POWERSles A Mould Board Plough

The Shndong EVER-POWERSles A Mould Board Plough operates by being mounted with a tractor using a 3-point linkage. It works efficiently with a matched power of 15-30hp. Upon installation, the plough can penetrate the soil to a depth of 15-25cm, turning over the upper layer and burying the surface vegetation and weeds. As for the maintenance, it is crucial to regularly inspect the plough knife, replace it on time, and keep the plough clean to ensure optimal performance. Free spare parts are provided for any repairs or replacements needed.

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HZPT Agricultural Furrow Plough

Get a Closer Look at Shndong EVER-POWERSles A Mould Board Plough

Check out this video to get a closer look at Shndong EVER-POWERSles A Mould Board Plough in action, showcasing its superior performance and high productivity.