Tractor-Drawn Fertilizer Distributor Manure Spreader


Presenting a top-of-the-line farming solution, the diesel tractor-drawn fertilizer distributor, model number CDR. This brand new, ISO9001 certified spreader is ideal for farm use. It comes with iron packaging for salt spreaders for tractors and is shipped from Qingdao. This CDR600 fertilizer spreader is designed not only for seeding but also for distributing particulate matters such as grass seeds, wheats, maize, corn, and chemical fertilizers. Whether large or small granule sizes, the spreader handles them efficiently. It can be used in various terrains including cultivated lands, meadows, hillside fields, and hills. This versatile machine is compatible with four-wheeled tractors of 25-45HP. Simple to organize and convenient to operate, it offers adjustable broadcast equation and width, and reliable functionality.

Features and Applications of the CDR600 Fertilizer Spreader

The CDR600 fertilizer spreader is a highly efficient tool that simplifies the seeding and fertilization process in agricultural settings. It is designed to evenly distribute various types of seeds and fertilizers, regardless of granule size. This comprehensive solution is suitable for a variety of terrains, including farmlands, meadows, hillside fields, and hills. Its compatibility with 25-45HP four-wheeled tractors makes it a versatile addition to any farm machinery lineup. The CDR600 is simple to operate, with adjustable broadcast equation and width, providing a reliable and efficient way to maintain and enhance the productivity of your agricultural land.

Working Principle and Maintenance of the CDR600 Fertilizer Spreader

The CDR600 fertilizer spreader operates by attaching to a 25-45HP tractor and using the tractor’s power to distribute seeds and fertilizer evenly across the land. Installation is straightforward, with the spreader postposited to the tractor. Unloading is just as easy, with a simple detachment process. Regular maintenance of the CDR600 includes cleaning after use to prevent clogging and corrosion, regular checks of the spreader’s components for wear and tear, and timely replacements or repairs as needed.

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