Used Potato Digger: A Key to High Productivity


Offering a one-year warranty, this used potato digger is a new product from an industry not confined to just one sector. Weighing 180 KG, it requires no showroom location for its display. It comes with a video outgoing-inspection, machinery test report, and has the engine as its core component. Its key selling point is its high productivity, making it the perfect tool for potato harvest. Packaging details ensure safe delivery with 50pcs packed in one pallet.

Sturdy and reliable, this used potato digger is a testament to high productivity. With an engine as its core component, it promises efficiency and longevity. It’s an ideal choice for businesses operating in various industries. Given its weight, it’s also easy to handle and maneuver, ensuring a smooth potato harvest. Its new product status guarantees its pristine condition and modern design. With a one-year warranty, customers can have peace of mind regarding its quality and performance.

Operating this potato digger is a straightforward process. The engine, being the core component, drives the mechanism. Once installed, the digger uses its sharp blades to cut into the soil, unearthing the potatoes. While the installation process is simple, it’s recommended to follow the user manual for instructions. As for unloading, the digger does this automatically. Regular maintenance, including timely cleaning and oiling, ensures the digger’s longevity and optimal performance.

Why Choose AGKNX’s Agricultural Potato Harvester Products?

When it comes to state-of-the-art agricultural machinery, AGKNX stands out with its quality potato harvester products. Not only do these harvesters guarantee high productivity, but they also come with a one-year warranty, ensuring reliable, long-term use. With an easy installation process and a user-friendly design, these harvesters are a must-have for any agricultural business. Whether you’re a small farm owner or a large agricultural enterprise, AGKNX’s harvesters offer a solution that meets your needs. Don’t wait, learn more about our products and contact us today to make your purchase.

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Agricultural Potato Harvester Common Applications

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