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PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower for Corn Straw Gathering

PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower for Corn Straw Gathering

In the realm of agricultural machinery, the PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower for Corn Straw Gathering is a vital tool for farmers looking to efficiently harvest hay or grass. This innovative piece of equipment is designed to be attached to a tractor's three-point hitch, providing stability and ease of use. Let's delve into the details of this essential farming implement.

Advantages of PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower

  • 1. Efficient Cutting: The PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower ensures quick and precise cutting of hay or grass, saving time and effort for farmers.
  • 2. Versatility: This mower can handle various types of crops, making it a versatile tool for farmers with diverse agricultural needs.
  • 3. Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of the field, the PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower is a durable investment for long-term use.
  • 4. Easy Maneuverability: With its attachment to the tractor's three-point hitch, this mower offers easy maneuverability around the field.
  • 5. Cost-Effective: By improving efficiency and reducing labor costs, the PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower proves to be a cost-effective solution for farmers.
  • 6. High Productivity: The PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower's cutting mechanism ensures high productivity, allowing farmers to cover more ground in less time.

Applications of PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower

  • 1. Hay Harvesting: The PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower is ideal for cutting and harvesting hay, providing farmers with a reliable solution for forage production.
  • 2. Grass Cutting: Farmers can use this mower for efficient grass cutting, whether for animal feed or landscaping purposes.
  • 3. Corn Straw Gathering: The PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower excels at gathering corn straw, making it a valuable tool for farmers with corn crops.
  • 4. Pasture Maintenance: Keeping pastures well-maintained is essential for livestock health, and this mower aids in pasture maintenance tasks.
  • 5. Field Clearing: Clearing fields of unwanted vegetation is made easier with the PTO Driven Disc Drum Mower, ensuring a clean and productive farming environment.
  • 6. Crop Residue Management: Managing crop residues after harvest is crucial, and this mower helps farmers efficiently handle crop residue.

Disc Drum Mower Applications

Working Principle of the Tractor 3-Point Hitch Disc Drum Mower

The 3-point hitch disc drum mower is a vital piece of agricultural machinery utilized for cutting and harvesting hay or grass. It is typically attached to the rear of a tractor using a three-point hitch, providing stability and maneuverability. Here's how the 3-point hitch disc drum mower operates:

  1. Mounting: The mower is attached to the tractor's three-point hitch, consisting of two lower arms and an upper link for stability and adjustment.
  2. Power Source: The mower is powered by the tractor's power take-off (PTO), transferring power to the cutting mechanism.
  3. Cutting Mechanism: Horizontally rotating disc drums with cutting blades slice through the crop efficiently.
  4. Height Adjustment: The cutting height can be adjusted using the upper link of the three-point hitch for versatility.
  5. Operation: As the tractor moves forward, the disc drums engage with the crop, cutting it at the desired height.
  6. Safety Features: Various safety features ensure safe operation, protecting both the mower and the operator from harm.

Disc Drum Mower Applications 3

Installation Tips of the 3 Point Hitch Disc Drum Mower to Tractor

Installing a disc drum mower to a tractor involves several crucial steps to ensure proper functionality and safety:

  1. Position the Tractor: Park the tractor on a level surface and engage the parking brake for stability.
  2. Align the Mower: Position the mower behind the tractor, aligning the lower hitch arms securely.
  3. Attach the Top Link: Connect the top link of the three-point hitch to the upper attachment point on the mower.
  4. Connect : Attach the PTO shaft of the mower to the PTO stub on the tractor securely.
  5. Adjust Height and Level: Use the tractor's hydraulic control to adjust the height of the mower accordingly.
  6. Test Operation: Engage the PTO and observe the mower's operation for smooth functioning.

Rotary Drum Mower

Choose the Right PTO Shaft for Tractor 3-Point Hitch Disc Mower

Choosing the right PTO shaft for a tractor 3-point hitch disc drum mower is essential for efficiency and safety. Consider the following factors when selecting the PTO shaft:

  1. Length of the Shaft: Ensure the PTO shaft is the correct length for your tractor and mower combination.
  2. Compatibility with Tractor and Mower: Verify the size and spline configuration of your tractor's PTO output shaft for compatibility.
  3. Power Rating: Select a PTO shaft capable of transmitting the required power without overheating or damage.
  4. Safety Features: Opt for a PTO shaft with safety mechanisms to protect against damage and injury.
  5. Maintenance and Safety: Consider the maintenance requirements and safety features of the PTO shaft for long-term use.

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Why Choose AGKNX's Disc Drum Mower?

AGKNX Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. stands out as a premier manufacturer of agricultural machinery, offering a wide range of high-quality products and services. Here are reasons to choose AGKNX's Disc Drum Mower:

  1. Experience and Expertise: With over ten years of experience in agricultural machinery production, AGKNX delivers reliable and efficient solutions.
  2. Product Range: AGKNX offers a comprehensive range of farming machinery and accessories to meet diverse agricultural needs.
  3. Performance and Quality: AGKNX products are known for their excellent performance, durability, and quality construction.
  4. Global Reach: AGKNX products are sold worldwide, ensuring accessibility and satisfaction for customers across the globe.
  5. Professionalism and Certifications: AGKNX maintains high standards of professionalism and holds international certifications for quality assurance.
  6. Customized Services: AGKNX provides customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring satisfaction and efficiency.

Disc Drum Mower Manufacturers

AGKNX Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing top-notch products and services to farmers and agricultural enthusiasts worldwide. With a commitment to professionalism, quality, and innovation, AGKNX continues to lead the industry with cutting-edge solutions for modern farming needs.

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