1LYQ-220 Farm Machine Light Duty Disc Plough


Introducing the 1LYQ-220, a high-quality, high-performance disc plough designed for light duty farm work. Operated by diesel power, this farm cultivator is new and comes with a 12-month warranty. Weighing 160 KG with dimensions of 1500mmx1350mmx1000mm, this disc plough promises high productivity for your farming needs. It comes with a machinery test report and video outgoing-inspection to assure you of its top-notch quality. It’s applicable in various farming industries and has no specific showroom location.

Features and Applications

The 1LYQ-220 disc plough is designed for ploughing soil with a working depth of 185mm and a working width of 400mm. It’s powered by an 18-25hp engine and is capable of ploughing farmland efficiently. The disc plough features a TEPee-point suspension and comes in customizable colors. It is packed securely in an iron case and shipped from Qingdao, China.

The 1LYQ-220 disc plough is ideal for small to medium-sized farms. Its high productivity and efficiency makes it a valuable asset in any farming operation. Whether you’re breaking new ground or preparing existing fields for planting, this disc plough is up to the task.

Installation, Unloading, and Maintenance

Installation and unloading of the 1LYQ-220 disc plough are straightforward. Simply attach the plough to your tractor using the provided TEPee-point suspension system. Regular maintenance includes ensuring that all components, particularly the bearings, are in good working condition. Regular greasing of moving parts is also essential to keep the machine running smoothly.

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Agricultural Disc Plough Common Applications

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Product Demo Video

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