160hp Four Wheel Tractor Linked 36 Discs Combined Disc Harrow Price


The 160hp four-wheel tractor linked 36 discs combined disc harrow is a high productivity, farm cultivator designed for farm hard soil tillage operation. This machine, weighing 2100 KG, has dimensions of 5800*2420*1340mm. It is a new product for 2020, equipped with boron disc blade, square shaft, RSP sealed bearing assemble as core components. The machine operates with a working width of 3800mm and a working depth of 200-250mm. Ideally matched with power between 150-160hp, it has 36 harrow disc blades, each with a diameter of 26” (660mm).

Features and Applications of the 160hp Four Wheel Tractor Linked 36 Discs Combined Disc Harrow

This robust and efficient machine is a disc harrow type farm cultivator, specifically designed for hard soil tillage operations. It is ideal for use in manufacturing plants and farms. The harrow disc blade is made from boron, known for its high strength and resistance to wear. The square shaft and RSP sealed bearing assembly provide durability and longevity to the machine. With a working width of 3800mm and a working depth of 200-250mm, it offers broad coverage and efficient operation, making it an effective tool for large scale farming.

Working Principle, Installation, Unloading, and Maintenance of the Disc Harrow

The disc harrow works by chopping the hardened soil and returning the chopped straw to the soil. It also crashes the soil after tillage and levels the land, effectively cultivating the soil instead of plowing. To install, the disc harrow is hydraulically trailed with the tractor. Unloading simply involves detaching the harrow from the tractor. As for maintenance, it is crucial to regularly check the disc blades and replace worn out parts. The sealed bearing assembly should also be regularly checked and maintained for smooth operation.

Why Choose AGKNX’s Agricultural disc harrows Products?

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