Agricultural Disc Harrows

Agricultural disc harrows are farm implements used for soil tillage and seedbed preparation in agriculture. They are designed to break up and smooth the soil surface after primary tillage operations like plowing or disking. Disc harrows consist of a series of closely spaced concave metal discs mounted on a common shaft or frame.

The discs, typically made of hardened steel, are arranged in two or more rows and are angled or slightly offset from each other. They are usually scalloped or notched to enhance their cutting and slicing action on the soil. The discs rotate as the harrow is pulled or powered through the field, effectively cutting through crop residue, weeds, and compacted soil.

Agricultural disc harrows come in various sizes and configurations, ranging from small, single-row models for small-scale farming to large, multi-row implements for commercial agriculture. They can be towed behind tractors or mounted directly on the tractor’s three-point hitch. Some disc harrows are also equipped with additional features like depth control mechanisms, hydraulic adjustments, or seedbox attachments for simultaneous seedbed preparation and seeding.

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