1BQX-1.9 Agriculture Equipment 3-Point Disc Harrow


The 1BQX-1.9 Agriculture Equipment 3-Point Disc Harrow is a new, trailed farm cultivator designed to loosen land. Its high productivity and year-long warranty make it a desirable choice for farming practices. It’s built with 65Mn high spring steel blades and weighs approximately 290 KG. The working width is 1900mm, and it’s suitable for varying working depths from 100 to 145mm. The machine is fitted with a standard size frame and comes with a machinery test report and video outgoing-inspection. The core components include bearings, and it’s applicable in various farming industries.

Features and Applications of the 1BQX-1.9 Disc Harrow

The 1BQX-1.9 Disc Harrow is a high-performance agricultural tool, equipped with features that enhance productivity and usability. The harrow is built with 65Mn high spring steel blades that provide superior toughness and durability. The blades measure 16 inches in diameter and 3mm in thickness, optimal for breaking up soil in preparation for planting. The harrow is suitable for different types of soil, with a working depth of 100-145mm, this cultivator is designed to loosen the land effectively.

Working Principle, Installation, and Maintenance of the 1BQX-1.9 Disc Harrow

The disc harrow functions by using its sharp, heavy-duty blades to cut into the soil, breaking it up and preparing it for planting. Installation of the cultivator involves a 3-point mounted linkage to the tractor. Regular maintenance includes checking and replacing worn-out components, particularly the core components such as the bearings. It is also essential to keep the blades clean and sharp to ensure optimal performance.

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Experience the high productivity of AGKNX’s 1BQX-1.9 Disc Harrow. Its sturdy design and effective performance make it a valuable addition to your farming practice. Discover the difference that a quality disc harrow can make in your agricultural operations. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can enhance your farming methods.

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AGKNX offers a range of high-quality farming tools, including the 1BQX-1.9 Disc Harrow. Our products are designed with the farmer in mind, offering high productivity, reliable performance, and durable construction. Opting for our products ensures you’re investing in tools built to last and deliver exceptional results.

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