Agricultural Disc Ploughs

Agricultural disc ploughs are farm implements used for primary tillage operations in agriculture. They are designed to break up and turn over the soil, preparing it for planting crops. The disc plough consists of a series of concave metal discs arranged in a row, typically mounted on a frame that can be attached to a tractor or other power source.

The disc plough is equipped with multiple disc blades that are typically made of hardened steel. These blades are angled and shaped to cut through the soil, creating furrows and turning over the soil. The plough’s discs are mounted on a sturdy frame, which is usually made of steel. The frame is connected to a hitch that allows the plough to be attached to a tractor or other agricultural machinery.

The cutting width of a disc plough depends on the number of discs and the spacing between them. It can range from a few feet to several meters, with wider ploughs being suitable for larger-scale farming operations. Agricultural disc ploughs are designed to penetrate the soil and cut through vegetation and crop residues. The discs create a slicing action, which helps to bury plant material and incorporate it into the soil. This aids in weed control and organic matter decomposition.

Agricultural disc ploughs are commonly used for primary tillage tasks, such as breaking up compacted soil, incorporating crop residues, and preparing the land for planting. They are particularly effective in areas with heavy or sticky soils. However, the suitability of a disc plough depends on various factors, including soil conditions, crop type, and farming practices. Farmers often choose different types of ploughs based on their specific needs and the characteristics of their agricultural operations.

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