2.1m Hydraulic Grader Land Leveler Blade


Experience the epitome of high productivity with the 2.1m Hydraulic Grader Land Leveler Blade. This new-age farming machinery, specifically designed for farms, comes with a 1-year warranty, including the core components. With a weight of 305 kg, this high-efficiency working tool is certified ISO9001, ensuring the highest quality standards. Its unique features include a 3-point linkage, a cutting width of 2100mm, and the possibility of color customization as per the customer’s request. Its minimum order quantity is one set, with the product packaging done in iron packing for maximum safety.

Features and Applications of the 2.1m Hydraulic Grader Land Leveler Blade

The 2.1m Hydraulic Grader Land Leveler Blade, with its model HP-2.1, is not just an ordinary product. It is designed to deliver high productivity with its core components, including bearings, engineered to perfection. This farm tool is designed with a cutting and trench width of 2100mm, serving as a key selling point, along with the 3-point linkage that ensures seamless operation.

Its versatile applications range from constructing roads and slopes, digging channels, mixing road compound to cleaning snow, transporting grit material, and maintaining soil and metal roads. This multifunctional tool is a necessity for any modern farm.

Working Principle and Maintenance

The 2.1m Hydraulic Grader Land Leveler Blade operates by leveling the land surface using a scraper. This simple yet effective mechanism is complemented by an easy operation, making it a user-friendly tool. It can be efficiently matched with 50-100HP tractors, allowing for lower matched power usage when the working resistance is smaller.

Maintenance of this tool is straightforward, with its durable components requiring minimal upkeep. However, regular inspections and prompt replacements of worn-out parts are recommended to ensure optimal functioning and extend the product’s lifespan.

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