Farm machine /garden machine self-propelled boom sprayer


The self-propelled boom sprayer is an innovative farm and garden machine designed for efficient and effective crop spraying. The machine comes with a pump sprayer type and is primarily used in agriculture. The applicable industries for these machines are farms. The sprayer comes with a diameter of 90 cm and boasts a feature of the Germany spray nozzle. The machine is new and comes with a one-year warranty. The key selling points of this sprayer are its high productivity, it is an ordinary product with a machinery test report provided. The sprayer comes with a weight of 1500 KG and is used for sprayer assembly. The product name is Pressure Tractor Boom Sprayer, with a capacity of 1000L and 24 nozzles. The color can be customized according to the preference of the user. This sprayer requires a power of 28/32/50hp and belongs to the brand EP.

Understanding the Pressure Tractor Boom Sprayer

The Pressure Tractor Boom Sprayer is a high-performance, heavy-duty agricultural machine used for efficient and effective crop spraying. With a capacity of 1000L and 24 spray nozzles, it can cover a vast area in a short amount of time. This sprayer is powered by a 28/32/50hp engine, making it a powerful tool for any farm. With the Germany spray nozzle feature, this machine guarantees uniform spraying and optimal coverage. Its high productivity makes it an ideal machine for large-scale farms, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The Working Principle and Maintenance of the Pressure Tractor Boom Sprayer

The Pressure Tractor Boom Sprayer operates by utilizing the power of the 28/32/50hp engine to pump the spray solution from the tank through the 24 nozzles. The nozzles are designed to atomize the spray solution, ensuring uniform coverage. Installation is straightforward, and unloading is just as easy, with clear instructions for both provided. Regular maintenance involves cleaning the tank and nozzles after each use to prevent clogging and ensuring the engine is in good condition.

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