Tractor Sweet Potato Seeder Garlic Planter


Introducing the Tractor Sweet Potato Seeder Garlic Planter, a groundbreaking product designed for high productivity in farming industries. This exceptional machine is specially crafted for planting potatoes and comes with an impressive 1-year warranty. It weighs 160 KG and has dimensions of 1950*1650*1413mm, providing robust and efficient potato planting solutions. The product’s color can be tailored to the customer’s request and boasts a working efficiency of 0.8ha/h. Its key selling points include high productivity and it is a new product of 2020. The machine offers a machinery test report and video outgoing-inspection for quality assurance. Furthermore, it has a 6-month warranty for core components like the bearing.

Unveiling the Features and Applications of the Tractor Sweet Potato Seeder Garlic Planter

The Tractor Sweet Potato Seeder Garlic Planter is designed to adapt to varied areas, natural environments, geographical features, climates, soils, and agricultural demands. The advanced technology used in its development ensures successful functioning, even in mini type. It has a planting row of one and is designed for a matched power of 20-40HP. Its sophisticated design includes a 3-point mounted linkage and row spacing of 50-85cm. The machine’s packaging details include an iron case, and it is shipped from QINGDAO, CHINA.

Understanding the Workings of the Tractor Sweet Potato Seeder Garlic Planter

The Tractor Sweet Potato Seeder Garlic Planter operates by placing potato seeds in the ground at specific intervals, ensuring optimal growth and yield. Its installation process is straightforward, requiring a 3-point hitch to connect to the tractor. The machine is easy to unload and comes with a comprehensive user manual for maintenance precautions. Additionally, video technical support is available for after-sales service, ensuring customers can maximize the machine’s benefits.

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Agricultural Potato Planter

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