China Factory Supply 3 Point Linkage Boom Sprayer


Designed for maximum productivity and efficiency, the 3 Point Linkage Boom Sprayer is a cutting-edge agricultural tool manufactured by China Factory Supply. This robust sprayer features a high-quality pump and a 600L tank capacity, making it ideal for extensive farming operations. With a weight of 180KG and a spray width of 10m, it’s designed to be both lightweight and wide-reaching. It’s also equipped with a powerful 60-80Hp matched power for optimal performance.

Advantages and Applications of the 3 Point Linkage Boom Sprayer

The 3 Point Linkage Boom Sprayer brings numerous benefits to modern farming. Its key selling point is its high productivity, thanks to its large tank capacity and wide spray reach. The sprayer is also easy to use, with a new product 2021 marketing type and a 1-year warranty. In addition, it boasts a 1.5-year warranty on core components.

The sprayer is suitable for various agricultural applications, particularly on large farms. Its robust design and powerful pump make it ideal for distributing fertilizers, pesticides, and other treatments across vast croplands. Moreover, the sprayer’s adjustable height and foldable spraying rod offer flexibility in different farming scenarios.

Working Principle, Installation, and Maintenance of the 3 Point Linkage Boom Sprayer

The 3 Point Linkage Boom Sprayer operates by pumping the treatment solution from the tank and distributing it evenly via the sprayer nozzles. The spray width and height can be adjusted depending on the specific farming needs.

Installation is straightforward, with the sprayer designed to hang at three points behind the tractor. Unloading involves detaching the sprayer from the tractor. Regular maintenance includes cleaning the sprayer after use and checking the pump and nozzles for any blockages or damages.

To ensure long-term durability and reliability, the sprayer comes with a comprehensive machinery test report and video outgoing-inspection.

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