1L-325 Furrow Plow Share Plough for Tractor


Introducing the 1L-325 Furrow Plow Share Plough for Tractor, a game-changer in the world of farming equipment. This high-quality farm equipment is specifically designed for ploughing farm land, with a warranty of one year for your peace of mind. Offering high productivity and exceptional performance, this product is a must-have for any serious farmer.

Key Features and Applications of the 1L-325 Furrow Plow Share Plough

This furrow plow share plough is an ordinary product, meaning it is designed for everyday use on the farm. It is new and comes in the model 1L-325. The plough is capable of achieving a trench depth of 250mm and a cutting width of 750mm. It requires a power of 30-50HP and is made of durable 65Mn Steel. The color of the product can be customized according to the customers’ requirements. The core components of the plough are the bearings, which come with a warranty of one year. This furrow plow share plough has a three-point linkage and is suitable for use in farm fields. The minimum order quantity is one unit.

Working Principle and Maintenance Precautions

The furrow plow share plough works by being attached to a tractor. The power required to operate this plough is 30-50HP. The tractor drives the plough to cut through the soil, creating furrows for planting seeds. The depth of the furrows can be adjusted according to the type of crop being planted. To maintain the plough, it is important to regularly check the bearings and other components for wear and tear. The plough should be cleaned after use to prevent soil and debris from accumulating. The 65Mn Steel material requires minimal maintenance, but it is recommended to keep the plough in a dry place to prevent rusting.

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Agricultural Furrow Plough

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