High Efficiency Potato Harvester Mod FS 19


Unveiling the high efficiency potato harvester mod fs 19; a state-of-the-art machinery that boosts productivity in your farming operations. This brand-new model, powered by a 25 – 30 HP tractor, is specifically designed for potato harvesting. With just one row and a row distance of 550 – 600 mm, this mini harvester comes with a working width of 600 mm. It weighs 180 KG, has dimensions of 1800*1000*980mm and comes with a one year warranty. This ISO9001 certified machine is driven by a tractor and the core components comprise mainly of the gearbox. Notably, it comes with online support for after-sales service.

Features and Applications of the Potato Harvester Mod FS 19

This high efficiency potato harvester mod fs 19 is renowned for its high productivity. It is particularly useful in manufacturing plants and farms. The row spacing is between 55-80cm and it’s well suited for tractors within the power range of 22-35hp. The machine is packaged in an iron case and shipped from Qing Dao, China. This harvester is a new product for 2020, indicating the latest in technology and efficiency.

The Working Principle, Installation, and Maintenance of the Potato Harvester

The potato harvester operates by digging up the soil and collecting the potatoes from the ground. It has been designed to minimize potato damage during the harvesting process. Installation involves attaching it to a compatible tractor. It is essential to carry out regular maintenance checks and servicing to ensure optimum performance and longevity. This includes oiling moving parts, checking for worn-out parts, and keeping the machine clean.

Why Choose AGKNX’s Agricultural Potato Harvester Products?

When you choose AGKNX’s agricultural potato harvester products, you’re investing in high-quality, durable, and efficient farming machinery. Our products are geared towards enhancing productivity, minimising labour costs, and maximising your returns. We don’t just sell you a product; we offer full after-sales online support to ensure you get the best out of your purchase.

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Agricultural Potato Harvester Common Applications

Watch the Potato Harvester Mod FS 19 in Action

For a more detailed look at how the Potato Harvester Mod FS 19 operates, watch this informative video. You’ll get a first-hand look at this high efficiency machine, its features, and how it can revolutionise your potato harvesting operations.

For any further inquiries or to make a purchase, contact us today. Let’s help you maximise your productivity with our high efficiency potato harvester mod fs 19.