Potato Peeling Machine: Efficient and Reliable Harvesting Solution


Introducing the new Potato Peeling Machine, a reaper harvester specifically designed for potato harvesting. This Mini Harvester is tractor-driven and boasts a working width of 800mm. It has a compact dimension of 1800*1000*980mm and weighs 180 KG. It is ISO9000 certified and offers high productivity, making it an excellent addition to your farming equipment. This product was launched in 2020 and comes with a warranty of 1 year for core components including the motor. This versatile tool is applicable for both manufacturing plants and farms.

The Features and Applications of the Potato Peeling Machine

The Potato Peeling Machine is a revolutionary tool that offers high productivity. It has a single row design and a working width between 1.3-1.65m. The machine ensures a working depth of 25-35mm and row spacing of 55-80cm. It is packaged in an iron case for safe and secure delivery.

The machine’s excellent performance and high working efficiency make it ideal for harvesting potatoes, garlic, pachyrhizus, and peanuts. With its light and quick running feature, it ensures no vibration and jamming. The simple structure and long useful life make this machine a valuable investment. It has been granted with two patents for utility model and outline design.

Working Principle, Installation, and Maintenance of the Potato Peeling Machine

The Potato Peeling Machine operates on a simple yet effective principle. The machine is attached to a tractor which provides the driving force. As the tractor moves, the machine digs up the soil, collecting the potatoes and transferring them to a storage area within the machine. The machine is designed to prevent any damage to the potatoes during the harvesting process.

Installation of the machine is straightforward and can be completed with the use of basic tools. Once the machine has been attached to the tractor, it is ready for use. Maintenance is equally simple, requiring regular cleaning after use and periodic checks to ensure all parts are functioning correctly.

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About AGKNX Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Agricultural Potato Harvester Common Applications

See the Potato Peeling Machine in Action

Watch our video to see the Potato Peeling Machine at work and understand why it is the best choice for your farming needs. Discover its features and benefits firsthand and see how it can revolutionize your potato harvesting process.

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