4U-600 Farm Potato Harvest Machinery: A New Revolution in Agriculture


Introducing the 4U-600 farm potato harvest machinery, a revolution in the realm of farming equipment. This brand-new machine is specifically designed for potato harvesting, boasting a tractor power between 30 to 40 HP. With a single row capacity and a row distance ranging from 600 to 900mm, this mini harvester provides high productivity and efficiency. It features a working width of 600mm and weighs 195 KG. Certified with ISO9001-2000, this gear drive machine comes with a one-year warranty and a dedicated after-sales service, offering engineers available to service machinery overseas. The potato harvester is customizable in color and has a cutting width of 600mm. It is designed for a productivity range of 0.13-0.33 Acre/h with a power requirement of 30-35hp.

Features and Applications of the 4U-600 Farm Potato Harvest Machinery

The 4U-600 farm potato harvest machinery is a high-end, professional-grade farming tool designed to optimize potato harvesting processes. Its compact dimensions (1500*800*400mm) make it a perfect fit for small to medium-sized farms. Its high productivity makes it a valuable asset, dramatically increasing the efficiency of harvesting potatoes. One of the key selling points of this machine is its versatility with a cutting width of 600mm, allowing it to adapt to different harvesting conditions. Functioning as a mini harvester, this machine is capable of handling a workload that typically requires more power and manpower.

Working Principle and Maintenance Precautions

The 4U-600 farm potato harvester operates through a gear drive system, powered by a tractor with a power rating of 30 to 40 HP. The machine digs, collects, and deposits potatoes in a single pass, while discarding soil and debris. Regarding installation, the harvester is designed for three-point mounting, ensuring secure attachment to the tractor. When it comes to maintenance, it is advised to regularly check and replace the core components, specifically the bearings, to ensure the machine operates smoothly.

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Agricultural Potato Harvester Common Applications

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