Best Sale Tractor Ridger Bedder: The Perfect Farming Solution


Discover the best sale tractor ridger bedder, a high-quality, diesel-powered farm cultivator. This new product offers a one-year warranty and is designed for ridging soil. It’s a lightweight model, weighing just 160KG, and comes in a standard size. This cultivator is ideal for farms and comes with a variety of support services, including video technical support, online support, and overseas service center availability. It’s ISO9001 certified and delivers matched power between 45-60hp. The ridging height is adjustable between 200-3000mm while the ridging spacing is between 700-900mm. This tractor ridger bedder also features a 3-point mounted linkage.

Unpacking the Features of the Tractor Ridger Bedder

This tractor ridger bedder is primarily used for ridging in fields of potatoes, beans, and vegetables after tillage. The product comes with several advantages. The ridging spacing, ridging height, ridging rows, and angle can be conveniently adjusted. It is compatible with a wide range of tractors and has a robust ability to adapt to various farming conditions. Its small size, precision manufacturing, and easy removal make it a practical and efficient farming tool. Moreover, it is capable of breaking stubble and ridging in one step, saving time and effort.

Understanding the Working Principle & Maintenance of the Tractor Ridger Bedder

The tractor ridger bedder operates by being attached to a tractor. Once it’s activated, it digs and lifts the soil, creating ridges. The ridger bedder is easy to install and uninstall, facilitating seamless transitions between different farming tasks. Regular maintenance, including cleaning after use, checking for worn or damaged parts, and timely replacements, will ensure the product’s longevity and optimal performance.

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Agricultural Disc Ridger Common Applications

Explore the Functionality of the Tractor Ridger Bedder

To get a comprehensive understanding of the tractor ridger bedder’s functionality and operation, you can refer to this video:

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