Factory Supply 2 Bottom Turning Plow


Introduction to the 2 Bottom Turning Plow

Introducing the new and advanced Factory Supply 2 Bottom Turning Plow. This furrow plough is designed with high productivity and convenience in mind. Its core components, the plough knife, is made from 65Mn Spring Steel, ensuring durability and effective operation. The plough is designed to work with tractor power, making it a perfect farm cultivator. It is ideal for ploughing up and breaking hard land with a working depth of 15-25cm and a working width of 600mm. This model, 1L-320, comes with a one-year warranty and after-sales service, including free spare parts.

Features and Applications of the 2 Bottom Turning Plow

The 2 Bottom Turning Plow stands out for its high productivity. It is excellent for manufacturing plants and farms looking to improve their cultivation processes. The plough??s furrow size and depth can be adjusted to suit various soil conditions and crop types. This makes it versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. The plough’s color can be customized according to your specific demand, ensuring it fits in perfectly with your other farm equipment. The plough is also ISO9001 certified, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Working Principle and Maintenance of the 2 Bottom Turning Plow

The 2 Bottom Turning Plow operates by being mounted to a tractor through a 3-point linkage system. The plough knife cuts through the soil while the tractor moves, turning over the upper layer of the soil and bringing fresh nutrients to the surface. The plough is easy to install and unload, and its maintenance mainly involves regular inspection and replacement of the plough point. It is crucial to keep the plough clean and store it in a dry and cool place to prevent rust and corrosion.

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See the 2 Bottom Turning Plow in Action

Check out the video below to see the 2 Bottom Turning Plow in action and to better understand its operation and benefits.