One Row Potato Harvester for Sale 4U-900


Introducing the new and efficient one row potato harvester for sale 4U-900. This machine is specifically designed to boost productivity in your farming operations. It is characterized by its high tractor power which ranges from 20 – 60 HP, making it suitable for harvesting potatoes. The machine comes with a one-year warranty, ISO9001-2000 certification, and has a high productivity selling point. The machine’s specifications include a row distance of 600 ?C 900mm, working width of 900mm, weight of 390kg, and a dimension of 2000*1400*500mm.

Understanding the 4U-900 Potato Harvester

The 4U-900 Potato Harvester is a highly efficient mini combine harvester driven by gear. It is used primarily for potato harvesting but can also be applied to other farm produce. The key selling point of this machine is its high productivity. With a cutting width of 1300mm and productivity of 0.13-0.33 Acre/h, it significantly reduces the time and effort required for harvesting.

Working Principle and Maintenance of the 4U-900 Potato Harvester

The 4U-900 Potato Harvester operates using a tractor power ranging between 20-60HP. Its gear drive mechanism enables it to smoothly navigate through the farmland while harvesting. The machine is easy to install and unload, making it convenient for different farming needs. Proper maintenance of the harvester includes regular cleaning, timely replacement of worn-out parts, and proper storage to avoid damage.

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Agricultural Potato Harvester

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