Tractor Mounted Stone Picker 4U-1600: Boost Your Farming Efficiency


The tractor mounted stone picker 4U-1600 from EP is the ultimate solution for efficient stone picking on farms. This machine comes with a one-year warranty and is suitable for all types of farming industries. Weighing 3000kg, it guarantees high productivity and a smooth operation. The machine is designed to be mounted on a tractor and features a working width of 1600mm. It is powered by a 110-220hp engine and is available in a variety of custom colors. You can order as few as one set, with a delivery time of 7-15 working days. The stone picker machine also comes with a standard package and is shipped from the port of Qingdao.

Key Features and Applications

The 4U-1600 stone picker machine is designed to pick up stones efficiently and quickly. It is equipped with core components such as bearings and a gearbox that ensure a long-term, reliable operation. The machine uses a tractor 3-point linkage system which enables easy and secure attachment to the tractor. This stone picker is perfect for farms with rocky soil as it can significantly improve the soil quality and make it more suitable for planting and other farming activities.

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance

Setting up the 4U-1600 stone picker machine is straightforward. Simply attach it to your tractor using the 3-point linkage system. Once installed, you can start the machine by engaging the tractor’s power take-off system. While the machine is in operation, it picks up stones and collects them in a container. Regular maintenance includes checking the bearings and gearbox for wear and tear. Always ensure that the machine is properly lubricated to prevent friction and overheating of the core components.

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Watch our tractor mounted stone picker 4U-1600 in action and see how it can transform your farming operations.