Furrow Ridger and Disc Ridger for Sale: High Productivity Farming Tools


Introducing our top-quality, high productivity disc plough farm ridger, the EVER-POWERfurrow ridger and disc ridger for sale. This diesel-powered machine is an essential tool for every farm, offering reliable performance with a one-year warranty. The farm ridger weighs 265 KG and is designed for high productivity. It operates under a diesel power type and is ideal for ridging with onestope. Its key selling points include high productivity, and its marketing type is an ordinary product. The machinery test report and video outgoing-inspection are provided upon purchase. The warranty of core components is one year, and the core components include bearings. This machine is suitable for use in farms and has a ridger width of 2600mm. It is linked via a 3 point linkage and comes in a customizable color. It is packed in an iron frame package and has a working width of 2600mm. The matched power range is between 50-80hp. The model is 3Z-260.

EVER-POWERfurrow Ridger and Disc Ridger: Features and Applications

The EVER-POWERfurrow ridger and disc ridger are robust, versatile machines designed for the most demanding farming needs. The ridger width of 2600mm allows for optimal coverage of large farming areas, while the 3-point linkage ensures secure and stable attachment to your farm vehicle. With a custom color option, farmers can choose a color that complements their existing farming equipment. The machine’s matched power of 50-80hp guarantees high performance and efficiency, ideal for heavy-duty farming tasks. The EVER-POWERfurrow ridger and disc ridger are suitable for various farming applications, including soil preparation, planting, and ridging.

Product Installation, Operation, and Maintenance

The EVER-POWERfurrow ridger and disc ridger are designed for easy installation and operation. The 3-point linkage allows for quick and secure attachment to your farm vehicle. Once installed, the machine operates under diesel power, ensuring high productivity and efficiency. Regular maintenance, including checking and replacing the bearing core components, is recommended to keep the machine in optimal condition. The one-year warranty of core components provides added peace of mind for farmers.

Why Choose EVER-POWERfurrow Ridger and Disc Ridger?

Choosing EVER-POWERfurrow ridger and disc ridger means investing in high-quality, reliable farming equipment. These machines are designed for high productivity, ensuring you get the most out of your farming tasks. The one-year warranty of core components, machinery test report, and video outgoing-inspection provide assurance of the machine’s quality and performance. Contact us today to learn more about these top-of-the-range farming tools.

Why Choose HZPT’s Agricultural Disc Ridgers Products?

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Agricultural Disc Ridger

Product Demonstration

Watch the video below to see the EVER-POWERfurrow ridger and disc ridger in action.