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Introducing the CDR Series Farm Tractor Fertilizer Spreader, an innovative product designed in accordance with US technologies. This fertilizer distributor is primarily suitable for a variety of operations, including basic fertilizer broadcasting before plowing, seeding after plowing, and seed and fertilizer broadcasting in pastures. The machine boasts a compact structure, a wide range of applications, and high operational efficiency. It also ensures even broadcasting, making it a top-notch choice for farm use.

Features and Applications

The CDR Series Farm Tractor Fertilizer Spreader is a diesel-powered machine, tailor-made for farm use. It is a brand-new model, offering high efficiency and even broadcasting of fertilizer. This machine provides a wide application range, making it ideal for a variety of operations such as fertilizer broadcasting before and after plowing, as well as seed and fertilizer broadcasting in pastures. Packaged securely in iron packing, this ATV seed spreader is ready for shipment from Qingdao port. With ISO9001 certification, the product assures quality and reliability.

Working Principle, Installation, and Maintenance

The CDR Series Farm Tractor Fertilizer Spreader operates primarily by distributing fertilizer evenly across a given area. The attached power ranges from 12-50 HP, with a working speed of 5-8 km/h and a working diameter of 15-20 meters. This machine has an impressive working efficiency of 100-150 ha/h. To install, simply connect the spreader to a three-point hitch attachable to your tractor. Unloading and maintenance procedures are straightforward, ensuring your machine remains in optimal condition for efficient performance.

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