Power Tiller Rotavator: A High Productivity Farm Cultivator


Presenting the power tiller rotavator, a new product launched in 2020, designed for high productivity and efficiency. This rotary tiller, powered by a tractor, is a type of farm cultivator with a weight of 490 KG. It comes with a new condition and a one-year warranty. Measuring 1020*3256*1152 in dimension, this farm cultivator is an ideal choice for manufacturing plants and farms. The key selling point of this product is its high productivity.

Understanding the Power Tiller Rotavator

This power tiller rotavator has been designed to meet the needs of modern farming. It is a powerful machine that can be matched with a 90-100hp tractor. The machine is a perfect combination of robust construction and high efficiency. This rotavator is useful for both dry land and paddy fields. Its key selling points include high productivity, new design, and a comprehensive machinery test report. With its high productivity, this machine can save time, labor, and money, making it a strong point for any farming operation.

Working Principle and Maintenance of the Power Tiller Rotavator

The power tiller rotavator operates by rotating blades or tines to till the soil. The machine is attached to a tractor and powered by its engine. The spinning blades cut, churn, and mix the soil, preparing it for planting. The depth of tilling can be adjusted according to the needs of the farm. The rotavator is easy to install and unload from the tractor. Regular maintenance includes checking and tightening loose bolts, keeping the machine clean, and regularly checking the condition of the blades. Any damaged or worn-out parts should be replaced immediately to maintain the efficiency of the machine.

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Agricultural Rotary Tiller Common Applications

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