Ridging Plough in Turkey: 4 Furrow Ridger Machine for Tractor


The 4 furrow ridger machine for tractor is a highly reliable and efficient piece of farming equipment. This disc ridger operates on Diesel power and boasts a high safety level, making it one of the hot products of 2019. The machine is new and comes with a one-year warranty. Weighing 470 KG, this farm ridger is ideal for creating ridges with onestope. The dimensions of the machine are 280*100*50mm, and it comes with a furrow ridge plough, customizable color, and packing. With a working width of 2800mm and a working depth of 35cm, this machine suits farms of various sizes.

Features and Applications of the 4 Furrow Ridger Machine

The 4 furrow ridger machine for tractor offers a multitude of features that make it an excellent choice for modern farming. The machine has a three-point suspension linkage and operates on a power range of 50-80hp. The plow tip, which is a core component of the machine, is designed for furrow and ridge applications.

This disc ridger is perfect for use in farms, owing to its versatility and efficiency. It’s an ideal tool for creating ridges in the field of potato, beans, and other vegetables post-tillage. The machine provides convenient adjustment options in ridging spacing, ridging height, ridging rows, and angle, making it adaptable to different farming needs.

Installation, Usage, and Maintenance of the 4 Furrow Ridger Machine

Though the 4 furrow ridger machine for tractor is advanced, it is relatively easy to install and use. The machine is designed for a three-point suspension linkage, which allows for easy attachment to the tractor. When it comes to usage, the machine operates optimally at a power range of 50-80hp. The adjustable settings for ridging spacing, height, rows, and angle make it easy for farmers to customize the machine’s operation to suit their specific needs.

As for maintenance, regular checks and timely replacement of core components such as the bearing is crucial for the machine’s longevity. The machine comes with a one-year warranty on core components, and video technical support is provided for after-warranty service.

Why Choose HZPT’s Agricultural Disc Ridgers?

HZPT’s agricultural disc ridgers are not just machines; they are investments for a more profitable and efficient farming operation. These machines stand out for their high safety level, customizable features, and excellent performance. They come with a one-year warranty and a machinery test report for assurance of quality. By choosing HZPT’s agricultural disc ridgers, you’re choosing durability, efficiency, and a high return on investment.

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Agricultural Disc Ridger Common Applications

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