The Revolutionary Agri Cultivator Rotavator Chain


Introducing the Agri Cultivator Rotavator Chain, a machine designed to revolutionize farming and agriculture. This high-performance diesel-powered rotary tiller is made for farm cultivation, particularly for loosening the land. It’s a new product, weighing 240 KG and with dimensions of 900*1600*720mm. The Agri Cultivator Rotavator Chain’s core components, including gearbox, have a 6-month warranty. It’s a new product for 2020, boasting of high productivity. After-sales online support is provided, with the product certified under ISO9001.

Exploring the Agri Cultivator Rotavator Chain

The Agri Cultivator Rotavator Chain is expertly engineered to offer high productivity, making it a highly efficient machine for farm cultivation. It is designed for loosening the land, making it a crucial tool for preparing the soil for sowing. The machine is powered by diesel, providing robust and reliable performance. With a weight of 240 KG and dimensions of 900*1600*720mm, this rotary tiller offers maximum convenience for the users.

How the Agri Cultivator Rotavator Chain Works

The Agri Cultivator Rotavator Chain works by utilizing its diesel power to rotate the blades, effectively loosening the soil. The installation process is straightforward, with the machine designed to easily attach to your tractor. Unloading is just as simple, making it a convenient addition to your farming equipment. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of the machine, including routine inspection of the gearbox and blades, as well as regular oil changes.

AGKNX’s Agricultural Rotary Tiller Products

AGKNX’s range of agricultural rotary tiller products, including the Agri Cultivator Rotavator Chain, are designed with the farmer’s needs in mind. These products are guaranteed to improve productivity and efficiency in the field. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your farming operations. Contact us now to learn more about our products and make your purchase!

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AGKNX’s Agricultural Rotary Tillers Products are trusted by farmers around the world for their quality, efficiency, and reliability. Engineered with advanced technology, these products are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of farming. You can trust AGKNX to provide only the best farming equipment, designed to boost productivity and efficiency in the field. Make the smart choice for your farming operations. Choose AGKNX’s Agricultural Rotary Tillers Products today!

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Watch Our Product In Action

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